I would like to address something extremely important today, sharing too much information with a recruiter or someone who sounds like a recruiter.

Recent graduates are often seen as easy targets for scammers and/or companies who are only looking for collecting information, and you do not want to be a victim of a phishing attempt. Please make sure you share your information only with legitimate companies and only if it is absolutely necessary.

Passport, EAD Card, SSN Card:

These documents should not be needed at the initial stages of recruitment. If the recruiter persists, try to meet them in person to show them the documents for their records. If you have to email them, make sure they are scanned in grayscale and never in color.

Social Security Number:

I hope you all know that you should never give out your Social Security Number for every job that you apply. At one point during the recruitment process you will be asked to submit a job application, and it is then you should share it, not on the phone with someone who gave you a call. Most large companies will require you to provide ONLY last 4 digits of your Social Security Number for submittal, which is OK.


It is illegal to ask your birthdate, do not provide this information. Again, large companies will ask you to provide Month and Day of your birthday for submittal, not year.

Home Address:

It is never safe to write your full home address on your Resume. Just include city and state.

Marital Status and Kids:

It is illegal to ask this question, no need to provide the information.


Often you will be sent a voluntary disclosure form. You do not need to share over the phone with anyone.

Financial Information:

Never ever share your credit card information with anyone promising you a job, and never pay someone for a job or a visa. It is illegal!

Your current /former manager’s name:

You will get calls from many recruiters trying to do business with your current and/or former employer, and all they would be interested is to get the name and contact information of a Hiring Manager. Try to see if the person is calling you for phishing out information about the company. Many companies have strict policies regarding sharing information, please make sure you read and understand them. You may lose your job for giving out current employees’ details.  Do not give out this information until and unless they have a job for you. Never disclose references in your Resume.

Always use common sense while talking to strangers over the phone, less is more when it comes to sharing personal information. If you do not feel comfortable always request a face to face appointment.






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