BraunWeiss is a Management and Technology Consulting Company specializing in Analysis, Implementation, Integration and Support of complex technology solutions for Sales, Finance and Operations, Supply Chain Processes and Systems.


Why BraunWeiss

Life at BraunWeiss is dynamic and lively with many challenging projects that will give you an opportunity to be a part of high performance teams.

We believe that extraordinary results come from the creation of new opportunities, and we go after them fearlessly. Our innovative mentorship program will offer you access to leadership, cutting-edge technology, career development, networking and much more.

Our Passion-driven teams value trust, ability, and an attitude of sharing best practices. They also value companionship, commitment, and collaborate to drive results.

Whether you’re an experienced professional or a recent graduate, working with BraunWeiss is a challenging and rewarding path in your career.


At BraunWeiss, you will shape the direction of the firm by committing to its core value. We operate in a skeptical and individual-focused ambient. Our consultant's opinions matter the most to us and support us to reach success.


BraunWeiss operates with a pool of talented personnel who share firm's vision on achieving greater results. The collective outcome always tends to be greater among our teams. We believe in open communication and operate as a flat organization.

Work Life Balance

We understand the importance of stabilizing work life. Our consultants work in a demanding environment yet benefiting from our value added potentials. We offer a structured program and operate with ingenuity.

What We Look For

Proficient personnel with proven methodologies to work under complex situations and ingenuity to drive results in the services we offer.

A team player with entrepreneurial outlook; implementing new approaches, innovative methodologies, problem-solving skills and a great leadership ability. We demand extreme outcome and professionalism, and we devote quality time and resources in our consultants to help them succeed. As a consultant, you will represent the firm and its core values.