Ensure ASC 606 / IFRS 15 Compliance with Oracle Revenue Management Cloud

Accelerate your transition to the new standard with Oracle Revenue Management Cloud


Contracts and Performance Obligations
Rules-Based Automation

Use rules-based identification and creation of customer contracts and performance obligations

Flexible Configurations

Leverage flexible, user-configurable rules from contract identification to revenue accounting generation

Revenue Allocations

Simplify and automate revenue accounting across product bundles


Allocate revenue according to published guidance

Satisfaction Schedules
Performance Obligations: Point-in-Time or Over-Time

Book revenue when performance obligation is satisfied, and easily manage complex satisfaction schedules

Independent of Billing

Process revenue independently of billings

Liabilities and Assets

Accrue liabilities and assets with respect to performance obligations valued at expected consideration

Income Statement

Recognize revenue on successful transfer to customer at performance obligation revenue values