About US

BraunWeiss is a Management Consulting Company specializing in Analysis, Implementation, Integration and Support of Complex Technology Solutions for Operational and Financial Processes and Systems.

Technology Simplified…

Who We Are

Technology Simplified… Users should not be wandering around the maze of ERP, CRM or Reporting systems trying to figure out how to do simplest tasks. Technology should make your job easier not more complicated. This is what we believe in.

With our mission at heart, BraunWeiss is started by Boston Management Consultants who see that organizations are unable to optimize technology solutions they invested in due to their complexity.

After providing Consulting services to local Fortune 100 and 500 organizations for decades our expert team knows the day to day challenges of Operations and Finance teams. We believe that technical solutions will never be adopted unless they are user-friendly and configured to meet the needs of the users. BraunWeiss brings just that.

We work with our users to understand how technology solutions may be best utilized to meet their needs, how they can be simplified and how they can make the most out of their investment.

What We Do

We specialize in analysis, implementation, integration and support of complex technology solutions. We implement strategic initiatives for global corporations and Enterprise Applications involving multi-national rollouts.

We integrate Business and Technology solutions in a varied range of industries spanning Financial services, High-Tech, Digital, Engineering and Construction, Telecom, Health-care, Pharma, Manufacturing, Federal and State government agencies.