Cybersecurity Risk & Compliance

Threat Intelligence

Cybersecurity & Compliance

Third-Party Risk Assessments (TPRA)

Threat Intelligence & SecOps

Managed Security Services

BraunWeiss offers comprehensive and tailored cybersecurity services that includes: assess incidents, vulnerability management, run scans, patching status, secure baselines, penetration test result, phishing, and social engineering tests and attacks


Our GRC analysts assesses and prioritizes information security and cybersecurity risk across the organizations, facilitates compliance with regulatory requirements and security policies, and develops and reports on information security metrics


Our team of experts will ensure your business incorporate compliance policies and operate within a specific set of privacy and security requirements, guidelines, and best practices.


Our team will identify and assess risks and create a plan to minimize or control those risks and their potential impact on an organization. Make data driven Risk-Aware decisions with assessment reports to achieve business objectives

Our Cybersecurity & Technology Partners


Implementing and supporting the best solutions to manage your Productivity & Collaboration systems and tools, email, encryption, email security, file and document management, online collaboration to assure business continuity.

Cybersecurity & Compliance
Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence & SecOps

Our team will process external threat feeds and internal log files, and create prioritized alerts. We provide effective on-demand and automated reports to meet compliance

IT Risk & Compliance

Our IT Risk Management services are designed to tackle ever emerging cyber risks, protect against costly data breaches, empower you to make informed risk decisions, protecting your business against penalties and reputational damage

Cyber Security at BraunWeiss
Vendor Risk Assessment

Managed Cybersecurity

Identifying, utilizing and streamlining IT Service Management for your organization to minimize maintenance and cost, automate processes, and integrate data and protect from cybersecurity attacks.

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Our work expertise enables us adopt and assist different industries and achieve both short-term and long-term objectives.