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Threat Intelligence & SecOps

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Implementing and supporting the best solutions to manage your Productivity & Collaboration systems and tools, email, encryption, email security, file and document management, online collaboration to assure business continuity.

Cyber Security at BraunWeiss

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Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence & SecOps

Our team will process external threat feeds and internal log files, and create prioritized alerts. We provide effective on-demand and automated reports to meet compliance

Cloud Apps & Desktop Hosting

Flexible and reliable cloud hosting services and virtual solutions to migrate and host business critical applications to cloud and scale to accommodate traffic spikes, Pay-as-you-go resources scaling to your business needs

Cloud App and Desktop hosting
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Managed IT Security

Identifying, utilizing and streamlining IT Service Management for your organization to minimize maintenance and cost, automate processes, and integrate data and protect from cybersecurity attacks.

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